Going Tribal






Hi Everyone,

I’m very glad that the weekend is almost here :). For today’s outfit I chose this crop tribal top with an open back. I was on the hunt for a tribal top for a while now, since this is one of the most trendy prints I’ve seen this summer aside from polka-dots and stripes. I paired it with denim shorts and a pair of strappy heels.

As far as my healthy eating habits go, I’m still going strong but I decided I really missed carbs this morning so I had two pieces of whole wheat bread instead of one with turkey bacon. I find that without bread I get anxious and end up eating many more times a day. I’ve continued to workout focusing mostly on strength training but I miss cardio. I enjoy it a lot more, so today I’m looking forward to doing zumba :).

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Enjoy and have a great day!



7 thoughts on “Going Tribal

  1. So gorgeously photogenic. A playful looking outfit with kick ass heels! You look so comfortable, like this is your uniform if it weren’t for all your other uniforms :)

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