Going Tribal Part 2





Get the look.

Shoes: Nine West Cherry Sandal

Romper: Southwestern Romper

Belt: Boho Scalloped Faux Leather Belt

Good morning!

I did a bit of research about these infamous tribal prints, that have suddenly taken over the world lol. To my surprise I discovered that these patterns did not originate in a single region of the world. There also isn’t just one generic tribal print pattern, they have multiple names and all have different dying processes. I found a great article on Refinary29.com, which names the multiple patterns, their dying processes and their origin.

The pattern most similar to the “tribal” pattern I’m wearing is called tapa print. This print originated in the Pacific Islands and the process to create this print involves stripping bark from a local tree, the bark is then beaten into thin sheets which become a fabric. This fabric is then painted, stenciled, stamped, smoked, and dyed. I found a great video which shows all the steps taken here. It’s quite interesting.

About My Outfit

I love wearing rompers, they are the most comfortable summer pieces. They are also very fashionable specially when the fabric includes one of the most popular summer prints :). I paired this outfit with black heels to compliment the purple and blue tones on the romper.

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Enjoy and have a wonderful day!


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