To belt or not to belt a dress?






Get the look.


Dress: Botanical Goddess Cutout Dress

Belt: Square Faux Patent Leather Belt

Happy Thursday!

The weekend is almost here and I’m very excited because this weekend I will become a godmother to my cousin’s son Noah, who is five months old. He is a very good baby because he rarely cries and is constantly smiling. If I ever have children I’m sure they would be the complete opposite and they would cry every minute of their small existence, but until then I’m very excited. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures with the babies, yes that’s right babies (plural) because Noah is a twin and has an older brother Alex who is a year old.

About My Outfit

I bought this dress a few years ago at Macy’s. I love the pattern and the mix of pink and brown. What I don’t like is that it becomes wider right below the breast area, which makes me look a bit preggers. Because of this I decided to belt the dress and give it more of an hour glass figure, however in hindsight I think a brown belt would have worked better here. I matched this outfit with my nude colored heels.

Enjoy and have a great Thursday!


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