“Freedom lies in being bold.”

“Freedom lies in being bold.”
― Robert Frost








I love the crazy shapes my hair takes as I run :)3 4


Get the look.

Dress: Day Tripper Drop Waist Maxi Dress

Happy Friday!!

I found that one of the most awesome, fun and liberating experiences I have is shooting pictures for this blog. Santiago and I were not in the best of spirits when we started this shoot, since there are many personal problems that he is going through right now. Regardless, Santi (as I usually call him) is a hard worker and always willing to help out a friend and I’m eternally grateful to be considered his friend.

We began the shoot the way we normally do with very neutral poses displaying the front, back and side of the dress. I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to wear shoes on this shoot because of the beautiful green scenery. I wanted to feel the cold grass and the soil beneath my toes and to connect with nature. I asked myself, “When was the last time I felt the earth beneath my toes?”. I still don’t have an answer to that. I have been running a lot lately sometimes five miles a day and suddenly in this beautiful open space I had the urge to run through it. To take advantage of all the space in this meadow and to touch and feel as much of it as I could in the time we were there.

I asked Santi if he could take shots of me running through the meadow. Santi is always open to my crazy ideas, so I ran through it and I felt silly and happy. In doing this run I think we both felt much better and were able to live in the present and not think of the past or worry about the future. I know this may not sound life altering but it’s definitely healthy to put your mind in a state of pause at times and replace it with a healthy physical activity that will allow you to come back to all the thoughts and feelings that await you with much more clarity.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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