What to wear to a Baptism




Get the look.

Dress: Strapless Eyelash Lace Dress

Shoes: Nine West Joy Pointy Toe Pump
Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend. This past Sunday was my cousin’s babies’s baby shower (that was a mouthful!). My cousin Paola has three beautiful happy children. Alex is the oldest he is one year old and he has two younger brothers, who are twins, Christian and Noah. I must have mentioned this before, but I will repeat it in order to emphasize it, they are the calmest most happy babies you will ever meet. It does not cease to amaze me. My cousin Paola asked me to be Noah’s godmother and I was honored and gladly accepted.

The baptism took place at 1:15pm and at 12:30pm I decided I needed to wear a more formal dress because the one I had in mind didn’t really suit the occasion. At this point I am tossing dresses out of my closet looking for something both formal and conservative. I found a very helpful site called thefashionpolice.net, where they break down the basics. For example, you should wear what you normally wear to church or other religious building. This means covering up a bit more than you normally would. In my case I guess I was a bit more risqué since my shoulders were bare, but it was 90 degrees out, I was sure I’d catch a break. Aside from that my dress was not above the knee and not tight at the bottom. Honestly, I’m always afraid of loose dresses, I always feel thicker in them. This one worked because it was tight at and above the waist. I wore my hair up with a pink feather hair clip and a bun. My shoes were white and gold from Nine West. I loved how they looked but while I was carrying Noah up the aisle I thought the shoes had been a mistake. I will go for comfort if in the future I’m caught in a formal celebration that involves carrying a baby :).

Enjoy and have a great Monday!


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