Wednesday, All About Comfort





Get the Look

Dress: Crocheted Bodice Chiffon Dress

Shoes: Nine West Santo Sandal

Hi Everyone,

Happy humpday! Today’s outfit was inspired by a night out with the girls :). Yesterday night I meet with two of my high school friends, one of whom I had not seen since graduation! It was great catching up and realizing the different directions all of our careers have taken. Many margaritas/glasses of wine later we ended up at a bakery, at which point I treated myself to a miniature chocolate chip cookie :). This trip to the bakery would definitely not have happened had there been any boys around lol. This outing definitely reinforced my believe that no matter what happens friendships are extremely important. Girls need other girls to talk about topics that most guys are not always interested in like make-up, fashion and feelings. I definitely had a lot of fun and I encourage all my ladies to do this at least once a month :).

About My Outfit

And so the reason that this outing with the girls inspired today’s outfit is because I am a light weight and after 4 drinks and a shot of a Colombian liquor called aguardiente today all I need is comfort. This dress is absolutely perfect for my situation today. It’s slightly fitted at the top and very loose at the bottom. I paired it with these awesome silver sandals.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Wednesday!


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