Downtown Orlando!


Hi Everyone,


Our trip to Orlando has been a lot of fun. Jennifer her brother, Michael, and I spent most of yesterday by the pool. Towards the afternoon “Mousie”, Jennifer’s uncle and his wife Donna were nice enough to show us around and take us to the outlets. It was great, they took us toOrlando Premium Outlets, where they have a large collection of brand names including Michael Kors, Coach, J Crew, Victoria’s Secret and many others. They really had some great deals, many items were 40% to 60% off.


Mousie and Donna invited us to a nice italian restaurant called Vinito Ristorante where I had a delicious plate of shrimp scampi :). It was great getting to know Mousie and Donna, who met on and have been together for about seven years. They have a lovely property where they are visited by bears and other wild animals. They also own two small horses. This is really new to me since I haven’t met anyone outside of Colombia who owns horses. They invited us to their house today where Jennifer and I promised to introduce them to Smores :).


After shopping and dinner Jennifer and I did some research and were able to find a club that was open on Monday night. This club was calledOne80 Grey Goose. Jennifer ordered a beer and I ordered a Honey Cosmo which had Grey Goose Le Citron Flavored Vodka mixed with honey syrup, freshly squeezed lime and pomegranate juice. It was pretty good. The bar was awesome it’s a rooftop bar/lounge with many leather couches and these fire tubes covered with either plastic or glass that is apparently fire prove. The crowd was diverse and I have to say girls there had a lot of fashion sense. I definitely got a bunch of ideas for future outfits. ;).


Enjoy and have a wonderful day!



View from One80 Grey Goose rooftop bar


View one our way to the barDSCN0390






Our little rental car :)


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