Road Trip to a Farm!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re having a wonderful week. As you’ve probably noticed this week I am focusing on my trip through Florida. Not to worry, I will get back to talking about my outfits whenever possible :). I am traveling through Florida with my best friend Jennifer who lives in New York but who has a lot of family here in Florida. Jennifer’s younger brother Michael is a great kid. He’s reminded me about doing things that adults no longer think about, he was responsible for encouraging me to do a cannon ball into the pool and to make an attempt at diving into the pool yesterday :). More recently as we were waiting for our Dominos pizza in the parking lot, he suddenly climbed to the roof of our little rental car in two swift steps! It didn’t take long before Jennifer and I climbed up the car to join him :).

Getting to know Michael has been a pleasure because being the youngest child in my family I am completely out of touch with the New York high school scene. It’s been fun and interesting seeing Michael’s point of view on different topics some of which I was not exposed to when I was his age. One topic which I knew about when I was growing up was that in New York City you have to be very careful about the colors you choose to wear in certain neighborhoods. For example, you shouldn’t wear red and black or yellow and black because these colors are associated with certain gangs. Unfortunately, one day Michael chose to wear red sneakers to school and to a park nearby. He and his friends were approached by a group of kids from one of these streets gangs at which point they denied any association to this gang. They were able to get away easily but Michael was witness to another boy being threatened by knife point. Michael was able to get away and find refuge at a friend’s house nearby and he was able to make it home safely the following morning.  It’s a shame that high school kids are put through these kinds of tests but I’m glad Michael was able to get out of that situation safely.

Earlier this week we were all invited to visit uncle Mousie and his wife Donna. I was told that their home is like a small farm! We said goodbye to the beautiful downtown skyline and made our way to some very secluded roads. Their home was about an hour away from Orlando and I panicked a little when I realized that my phone had lost service. As we drove further and further out into the woods we came across a few interesting signs, some of which included bear warnings and a sign of a man on horseback. Soon we arrived and were welcomed by her family. They took us around their property and showed us their beautiful little horses. They also own about ten birds, five chickens, two rabbits, five dogs and are occasionally visited by a large turtle and some bears. Fortunately, the entire property is gated by an electric wire just incase the bears are attempted to walk into the property.

Jennifer’s dad, Victor, manned the grill and cooked us a great barbecue. We talked about life in this part of Florida, which involves always being prepared. Since stores are so far away, Mousie’s family has to stack-up on groceries and other necessities because if they suddenly run out of milk the nearest store is at least thirty minutes away.  Another downside to having your own miniature Noah’s arch is that no one will deliver food to you and I don’t blame them. If I were a delivery person I would not be happy driving 30-45 minutes for a $2 tip. However, Mousie and Donna love their home very much and have no intentions on moving.

After dinner Mousie made a fire for me so I could introduce them to my favorite camping dessert, S’mores :D! Since it was a full house, which included Jennifer’s dad, Victor, his wife, his daughter, Michael, Mousie, Donna, Mousie’s three kids and Michael’s cousin Sebastian, Jennifer and I , I had my hands full. I must have made at least 30-40  S’mores :).  Not a single S’more was leftover! It was a lot of fun and I’m very grateful for their hospitality.  I added a few picture from the trip below.

Enjoy and have wonderful day!


DSCN0417 DSCN0423DSCN0432 DSCN0436 DSCN0439 DSCN0453 DSCN0456

DSCN0520DSCN0522 DSCN0523

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