Girl’s Getaway: Miami!

HI Everyone,

I took a few days off to really make the most out of my trip to Miami and it really was so much fun! We arrived to Miami on Thursday night and met up with my friend Carolina, who Jennifer and I met during our study abroad program in Paris. We’ve kept in touch for the past three years and it’s great to meet up with her and feel like we’re still in our Paris dorm talking to her as if no time has passed. We had dinner at Coconut Grove with Carolina and her fiancé Pedro, who she met during her second trip to France. Pedro moved to Miami not too long after Carolina left Paris and they’ve been together even since. Thursday night was mostly about catching up and relaxing after our drive from Orlando.

On Friday morning, I woke up early and took a drive around the neighborhood I found this nice little French bakery called Chocolate Fashion. They had the most delicious chocolate croissant I’ve had since France. It was fresh and not flaky and not too big. One of the waiters even spoke French which is hard to come by in New York. My waiter was from South America I believe he was Venezuelan he was nice enough to add more quarters to my meter every 12 minutes when they would run out. People really are much nicer outside New York!

I came back to Carolina’s house to pick Jennifer up, she normally sleeps a lot more than I do :). We got our things together and headed to South Beach! We went to a place called Paparazzi on Ocean Drive. It was a bit pricy and you really have to be careful because they promise to give you a second drink on the house, however they don’t warn you that if you don’t order it before 5pm you won’t get the second drink for free. Also if you order the giant daiquiri it’s $35 and chances are you won’t check the time after you’ve finished this drink because it’s HUGE and will then miss your free drink. I on the other hand just ordered a glass of white zinfandel and got the second one on the house. All the restaurants/bars on Ocean drive are facing the beach, it’s a great place to people watch. It’s also a great place to hear all about the clubs in Miami. There are so many promoters on Ocean drive advertising their events that Jennifer and I made a giant pile of all the different fliers. Jennifer and I then headed out to the beach where we went for a swim and made some friends. It was a lot of fun and also very relaxing.

Here are some pictures! Enjoy and have a wonderful day!








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