Home Sweet Home

Hi Everyone,

Happy humpday! I’m back home in Queens NY. On my flight back from Miami I had a chance to fly right next to Manhattan and it looked magical :). Sometimes this city makes you feel so small but by flying right next to all the buildings I felt like they were at arms length and as if I could accomplish anything I wanted in this city. This sight of New York rejuvenated me and inspired me.

On another note, since a large part of my vacation was spent enjoying the nightlife and eating all kinds of fatty foods including: dominos pizza, homemade pasta, pork chops, rice and beans, Mcnuggets and Taco Bell just to name a few, I have decided to go back to eating healthy. I don’t regret eating these foods because along with them came fun and interesting conversations as well as the delicious pleasure of having tasted them but enough is enough. As soon as I begin to notice a bit of muffin top starting to show, its time to eat egg whites and other lean proteins. This is the hardest part of getting in shape for me. I can always workout a lot but when it comes to my diet I’m tempted by simple carbs like bread and pizza and sweets like chocolate. I’m hoping to do some grocery shopping so that I won’t be tempted.

I also began working out as soon as I got back this Monday. I took a cycling class that made my thighs burn! Then on Tuesday I took this awesome Zumba class which was so much fun and energetic. You’re dancing really fast and trying to keep up with the choreography so you don’t realize how hard you’re working. I’m hoping to do a strength training class and a Zumba class today I’ll let you know how this goes :).

DSCN0602 DSCN0601 DSCN0599 DSCN0593

Get the Look

Blazer: (Similar) Doublju Womens Blazer with 3/4 Sleeve

Top: (Similar) XOXO Heartbreaker Mesh Inset Studded Front Top

Shots: XOXO Juniors Soft Sequin Stripe Short

Shoes: (Similar) Steve Madden Flight Black Gold

Glasses: Christian Dior 3228 Shiny Black / Gray Gradient Lens Sunglasses

About My Outfit

The first thing I noticed yesterday as I was sitting in Bryant Park was that the weather is slowly starting to change again :(. I felt a breeze which reminded me that this is the last month of summer here in New York. I added an old blazer from Express to my outfit because of this weather change. I also wanted to match the gold buttons on the blazer with the gold on the booties and the gold on the top.

Here are some pictures I took from a day when I toured NYC. 

DSCN0094 DSCN0095 DSCN0101 DSCN0102 DSCN0103

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!


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