“A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same”

A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.

Elbert Hubbard


Happy Tuesday!

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I for one did not join 98% of New Yorkers on their migration away from the city this weekend. Instead, I walked through the city, ran some errands and shopped :).

Also, very late on Monday night I connected with a long lost friend, she was my first best friend. I don’t really know where to start…we sort of lost each other in one of life’s thunderstorms at sea. We set sail together at the age of fifteen and grew and learned from each other. Ladies and gentleman, she was my first successful salsa instructor and I haven’t stopped dancing ever since. At a point in your life when you, as a person, are so fragile, insecure and at times feel alone, she was always there.

During summer breaks I was at her house five out of seven days a week. Her mother and grandmother welcomed me to many of the trips they took each summer. We talked about our many firsts, like our first time kissing a boy. I went to my first club with her, which was a teen-night in which no alcohol is served and you just drink water and get the courage to dance with someone. We studied for tests together and applied to college together.

We were accepted to different colleges and this was the first time our ships did not sail in the same direction. We continued to meet occasionally. Until one day, I felt we were caught up in a storm, which was not in the direction that I was sailing in. I could not accompany her in that journey and it was very sad and heart breaking for both of us. I missed her very much and although I tried to reach her many times, there was nothing I could do. There are times when we must accept the choices our loved ones make whether we agree with them or not and hope for the best.

I believe eight years passed, we have grown into women with very different experiences in life. Speaking to her again was like picking up right after that last bit mist was pushed aside by the wind.

My hope is that she has grown into a very strong person who puts herself, her family and their happiness above all else. We are not strong everyday, but I hope that on days when it rains I can catch her before she fades into the storm.

I encourage you to reach out to your high school or college friends and reminisce about your adventures together, you never when they might just need a friend.

DSCN1022 DSCN1023 DSCN1026 DSCN1030 DSCN1027

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Have an awesome day!!



8 thoughts on ““A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same”

    • I know it is sad, at times you just need to give them space to figure things out on their own and maybe they’ll return when you least expect it :)

      Thanks for the compliment love this dress too <3

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