Time for Change


I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. I for one, was absolutely lazy. I ate lots of food and chocolate cookies. I did not take care of myself at all, which was good for once. I didn’t even count my calories, which is a habit that I’ve done for the past five years. Surprisingly I didn’t gain weight, which is some kind of miracle :).

I also decided to dye my hair, it’s like a redish brown that combined with my freckles makes me look a bit Irish :). I the love Irish, so it’s pretty cool. I was going for an ash blond, but since my hair is was so dark it sort of just turned a natural-looking kind of red. I’m sure in the sunlight it will look much lighter, I’ll try to capture that in the next shoot. I also love that the dye I used was ammonia-free, so there was no damage done to my hair. The last time I had dyed my hair was about ten years ago and I remember it was completely dry and damaged. I was prepared to lose that healthy looking aspect to my hair, but I the fact that it was ammonia-free really did help. I highly recommend it!

DSCN1107 DSCN1102 DSCN1100

Get the Look

Dress: Forever 21 Open Back Bodycon Dress

Shoes: Steve Madden (Similar) ROCKET LEATHER

Enjoy and have a great day!


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