Black Lace



Happy humpday everyone!

The weather in New York is cloudy and humid, apparently it’s going to be in the 90s. I’ll take this weather as opposed to 40 degree weather any day :).

On another note, I’m still getting used to my hair, I never thought about matching outfits or make up to my hair color. So far what I’ve found is that lighter hair makes me look pale. I’m learning to reapply lipstick and blush at least once a day. I also find myself looking in the mirror a lot because I don’t know what I look like lol. I can’t image how weird it must be for people who go through cosmetic surgery. It’s definitely not a similar comparison at all, but people that do this probably have to reconstruct their mental imagine of themselves, which to a much smaller extend is what I’m doing. Worst comes to worst I’ll dye it back to dark brown :)

Enjoy and have a great day!



Get the Look

Dress: Material Girl Sleeveless Cutout Lace A-Line

Shoes: Nine West (Similar) Glittering Pointy Toe Pump

10 thoughts on “Black Lace

  1. me sucede algo similar aun no termino de acostumbrarme a los velos rubios en mi cabello :P , pero algo si es cierto me combinan con casi toda mi ropa ya que la mayoría es beige con café :) . y considero que el color tuyo que luce bien con tu tono de piel :)

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