My Issues with Cinderella

Have you ever wondered why as little girls we are shown all these movies that as adults don’t exactly help us? There’s prince charming and there “you” are either as a maid to your evil step sisters or stuck on the tallest of towers or just some how in some kind of distress. In comes your “prince charming” to save you from whichever situation you are in and he sweeps you away from all your troubles. I won’t ever understand what the moral of this story was.


I guess you have to consider the fact that the earliest version of the Cinderella story was written in 1697. For fun lets pretend you were alive in the 1600s and that you were incredibly poor. Say you knew the only way to move up in society was to find yourself a wealthy husband. In 2013 you would be considered a gold-digger. There is a huge difference in perspective from the 1600’s to 2013 and so maybe we should think of this as a dated story that no longer applies to us.

I don’t know about you, but this story has been drilled into our heads and sometimes it’s hard to let go. However, when I think about it realistically, even when I was in relationships, my significant other could not save me from whatever problems I had to deal with. When I was in college I couldn’t just dropout and run away with my boyfriend in order to escape my finals. I could and sometimes did attempt to study with him, but that didn’t work out. I was more of a loner when it came to studying. I couldn’t learn with other people talking to me in the same room. I had to figure things out for myself.

This idea of thinking for yourself is one of the most valuable things any little girl can learn, this should be what little girls see in the movie theater. Aside from the fact that it is unrealistic to be taken away by your boyfriend when life gets hard it is also, I would imagine, unappealing for men when their girlfriend is always looking to them to resolve their problems.

I’m not trying to hate on men, when they are supportive and they help you resolve issues they are great, but this should not be the focus of these movies. You can have an amazing boyfriend or friends who help you, but at the end of the day you need to be able and willing to safe yourself.




As far as my outfit goes, I can’t deny that I love pink in most shades including this one. This is my favorite sweater and I’m sure I will wear it again for the blog. It’s cozy, comfortable and warm :). This skirt is new and it’s from Zara I love that it’s extremely girly. I realize how this might contradict my mentality about not agreeing with the typical fairytale and then here I am wearing pink and a girly skirt. However, I love the look and feel of this outfit even though I don’t agree with the teachings of these girly fairytales. You can’t help but like what you like :).

Get the Look

Sweater: Old from Forever 21 High-Low Open Knit Sweater

Skirt: Zara Pencil Skirt with Ruffles

Shoes: Old Similar from Nine West Aqua Bootie

Handbag: Michael Kors MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!


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