How to Wear a Button-down 4 Ways


Happy Friday!

I hope you had a great week! I recently purchased a plaid button-down, it was the last plaid item I was missing and I’ve seen it in so many places and worn in a variety of different ways, which I thought would be fun to share. The first style in which this shirt can be worn is like a light jacket, which makes a lot of sense for fall.


The second option is around the waist and if you want to really play around with this look, you can do it over a skirt so that it looks like it’s part of the skirt.  DSCN1248

The third way in which you can wear this shirt it to button it down the traditional way and either tuck it in your pants or leave it lose over your pants. The fourth way to wear this shirt is to button it, but leave the last two buttons undone and tie them in a knot. DSCN1251 DSCN1252

Get the Look

T-Shirt: Mickey Mouse Cropped Tee

Shirt:Girl Power Plaid Shirt

Pants: (Similar)Ribbed Hem Drawstring Trackpants

Shoes: (Similar) Aldusa Round Toe Pump

Enjoy and have a great day!


11 thoughts on “How to Wear a Button-down 4 Ways

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