Introducing Photographer Adrian Chafloque’s Work

I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian Chafloque an up and coming New York Photographer. Adrian has photographed many different people and events mostly in New York City over the past ten years. He is currently working on a new project in which he hopes to collect a variety of head-shots displaying all different kinds of emotions. It is an awesome project he is undertaking, in which he hopes to gain more recognition as an expert in head-shot photography.



I was more than happy to contribute to his project and I am currently encouraging him to launch his own blog :). When he does launch his own blog or website, I’ll be happy to update all of you.


In the mean time you can see most of his work and follow him through Instagram @adrianchafloque or his Facebook page.


As far as the photo shoot goes, it can be a bit nerve-recking when your face is being photographed on such high definition lol. You can worry about a multitude of things, luckily Adrian and his team which includes William Gomez made the ambiance extremely welcoming, comfortable and a lot of fun!




The first pictures were your basic facial expression, which were serious or a small smile. What Adrian was really looking for though was expression, basically your emotions written on your face.  This I can say is my specialty, I have been told it is hard for me to hide my emotions on my face and this is the result :).







Be sure to reach out to Adrian if you’re interested in collaborating with him and be sure to like The Trend Crush on Facebook ;).

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!


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