Winter Fun and an Update on the Monogram Contest!


I hope you had a very exciting or a very restful weekend! It was a very eventful weekend for me, my friend and photographer Santiago Mejia is leaving for Kuwait. Santi is in the military, he was drafted and is actually on his way to Kuwait probably as I am writing this post. I want to thank him for taking the time to take hundreds of pictures and making this such a great and enjoyable experience for me. My brother decided to get all of his close friends and family together for a see-you-soon send off party and it was very much like the movie Hangover lol. I hope you will join me in sending the best of luck on this trip.


As far as today’s outfit goes, I really like these tights because they have a very common pattern, the houndstooth pattern, but you never would have expected it on tights! Since they standout so much, in and of themselves, I chose to combine them with a black romper and this beautiful Michael Kors jacket.


I’m also very happy to report that The Trend Crush came in fourth on the Monogram contest!! The lovely people at Monogram reached out for an interview! Be sure to check out the interview here.

Get The Look

Jacket: (Similar) Michael Kors Women’s Sequin Lapel Jacket

Romper: (Similar) Black Halo Romper – Jackie O

Tights: DKNY Bold Houndstooth Printed Tights

Shoes: (Similar) Steve Madden Panelope Black Suede

Enjoy and have a great day!

XO, Cindy

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