This is Bloody-Fabulous!!

Untitled-1_original_copy_originalHappy Friday! Today I’m excited to share with you a new up-and-coming eCommerce site with very unique street style, introducing Bloody-Fabulous!

If you’re looking for bold street style Bloody-Fabulous is your next stop! They have everything from this totally awesome, translucent foxy chain purse featuring gold hardware, and a detachable chain to a Simpson Gone Goth Tee-Shirt!



I had the opportunity to speak with Rachel Laurel, the founder of Bloody-Fabulous who is very excited about their upcoming re-launch, as Bloody-Fabulous is moving to a new online location in about a week.


Rachel describes her site as “badass clothing, shoes, & accessories” and she could not be more right, you need to be a badass to wear her clothes! Her pieces are not meant for shy souls because in them you will stand-out in the crowd and be noticed ;).Bloody_20Fab-103_20copy_original


Be sure to check out her new site at! Have a great weekend!
XO, Cindy

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