Feral Goddess Collection

I had the pleasure of speaking to Laurel from the blog Feral State. She is incredibly talented and is currently working in London on a very unique project. Laurel is an acrylic painter and writer, who has combined the two creative genres in a project called Feral State.


Feral State is a story that portrays magpies, the Australian songbirds, as prophetic messengers of man-kind’s pending destruction. Their message is heard by a group of children who choose to follow the magpies into a parallel world inhabited by immortal guardians, shamans, goddesses and spirit animals. The children soon become feral creatures who can move between worlds.



This story is accompanied by Laurel’s beautiful acrylic visual imagery. The paintings that introduce the children and their world were heavily influenced by Laurel’s life in Western Australia. Currently Laurel is working on developing the characters that inhabit the parallel world. This series of paintings are called the The Feral Goddess Collection and it is here that Laurel transformed me into a goddess of a parallel world! I am honored to be part of such a creative, beautiful and interesting project.




Ultimately the final artworks will be exhibited as a series of narrative paintings and published as an Artist Picture book. I am very excited to see how the story unfolds, be sure to take a look at her work and please also like Feral State on Facebook to follow her work!

Have a wonderful day!

XO, Cindy

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