Comfy Fall Outfit

Comfy Fall Outfit

Hi TTC Fans,

I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’ve been a tour guide for my cousin Claudia who’s visiting from Colombia and I’ve had little time to dedicate to TTC. I was also doing my best not to catch a cold that’s been going around in my family by taking lots of vitamin C, but after a walk in the rain my body gave in to the virus.

I had not experienced a cold in such a long time, it reminded me how attached we are to our bodies and how mortal we really are. I felt weak as I walked through the streets of Manhattan last Friday and extremely cold, not only because the weather was cold but also because I believe I had a fever. My muscles ached and I felt as though my coat weighed a ton but could not warm me up.

I tried to make my way home as fast as possible, but to me it wasn’t fast enough. My goal then turned into, just make it to the seven train and sleep through the ride until I can get home. Once I made it home I took some Nyquil and the next thing I knew it was 11pm and what seemed like a herd of people had arrived at my house, but I could not move. I gave into the heavy blanket that seemed to cover my being and faded out of existence again.

Boyfriend sweater
$47 –

Kaliko red coat
$320 –

Morgan black cotton pants
$40 –

White flat

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