Mixing Cute and Rock

Mixing Cute and Rock

Hi TTC Readers,

Here are some items I’m craving right now. I thought it would be fun to match items that might not typically go together like this skulls handbag and this panda bear hat. Right now I still feel the symptoms of this massive cold, so not only do I wish I had a panda bear hat, I wish I had a panda suit as a PJ. I’m also an emotional eater and since I’ve been sick my diet has consisted of chocolatechip cookies and tea which make my heart feel better even if the rest of my body isn’t. Well enough of being a downer, here’s to completely recovering from this cold in the days to come :)!

Have a great day!


Wallis pink shirt

Forever 21 jacket

Mango slim pants
$72 – johnlewis.com

Platform boots
$42 – spylovebuy.com

Black handbag
$265 – zatchels.com

John Lewis white hat
$24 – johnlewis.com

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