On Body Image

Happy Humpday!

Many of you might have already seen this interview with Robyn Lawley on The Ellen Show, but I really want to talk about it because Ellen brings up a very valid point about how women have a very distorted view of their bodies in huge part due to magazines, movies and just media in general.

After seeing many of her gorgeous photographs it’s very hard to think that this is what society thinks of as a plus size model because in my mind she looks like a healthy person.

I came to the realization that when the word model comes to mind I do think of some one who is so thin that she looks out of this world. This strange image of a god-like creature comes to mind because I think of someone who has the will power to live on almost no food and plenty of exercise.

I guess this is why I have always put many of these women on a pedestal, because when I workout I want to eat and when I wake up I also want to have breakfast. It is impossible for me to workout and go through my day having just had a venti skim latte from Starbucks.

This specific drink comes to mind because when I used to work on fashion avenue aka 7th avenue, I entered a Starbucks and saw a very tall woman with a very beautiful face, her face stood out among everyone in the crowd. But, when I had the chance to look at her legs I saw what Robyn Lawley talks about in this video, I saw the “thigh-gap”.

There was very little muscle or fat on her legs. All I saw was bone and I wondered at that point how this body could stand so tall without any muscle. She ordered a Venti skim latte and left the store.

There really needs to be a healthy balance and healthy role models for us to look up to. According to an article on ABC news a size 6 is considered a plus size. I’m 5’1 and I’m a size 4, a professional model needs to be at least 5’7-5’8 to model. How can a woman who is so much taller than me have the same size hips?

I also want to clarify that I don’t want women to just stop working out or eating healthy because this is your body, you only have one and you should take care of it. But we do need more realistic standards of beauty.

I also came across this shocking video transformation, which was also eye opening.

Love your body and learn to take care of it as best you can <3.


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