Day of the Little Candles/ Dia de las Velitas

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been eating all kinds of goodies since Thanksgiving. I also celebrated the Day of the Little Candles or el Dia de las Velitas, which is a Colombian tradition celebrated on December 7th and it kicks off the holiday season!


In Colombia it’s celebrated by placing candles and paper lanterns on windows, balconies, porches, sidewalks, streets, parks and squares, everywhere they can be seen, in honor of the Virgin Mary’s immaculate conception.


Much like other holidays around this time of the year this one also involves indulging in all kinds of foods, but mostly buñuelos and natilla. Buñuelos are deep fried cheese-flavored-dough-balls and natilla is like if flan and dulce de leche had a baby that would be natilla. If you ever come across these goodies, you should definitely try them!

I also found a great recipe for natilla and another for buñuelos if you would like to make some for yourself!

Enjoy and have a great day!






2 thoughts on “Day of the Little Candles/ Dia de las Velitas

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