Red Winter Coat: A Reaffirmation of Another Year Goneby


You might have noticed that I finally found my red winter coat :)! To be honest, when I was younger I found red to be too flashy, like someone would wear it in an attempt to get attention.

Times have changed and red has a very different meaning for me. I find the color to be timeless and this specific coat also seems timeless to me, since it’s double breasted and has the belt at the waist.


Harper’s Bazaar had a nice round up of celebrity trench coats over the years and if you take a look very few details have changed. I think the only change this coat really has is its gold toned hardware, including the zipper pockets and sleeves.

I also like that it reminds me of the holidays and the seasons changing and of time passing. In a way it’s a reaffirmation that another year has gone by and is about to end. Red is never neutral and neither was 2013. It was a year of many trips including Colombia, Peru and Miami. It was the year I decided to create my baby, The Trend Crush and in doing so sharing with you my looks and my tips and at times many of my very personal experiences.   Thank you to all of you who sent me messages through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email and to my friends who reached out to me personally. BUT, the year is not over yet, so I’ll be sure to post many more holiday inspired posts in the coming weeks :)!


Enjoy and have a great day!


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