Denim Wall in Soho: What we want out of our Jeans!


A few weeks ago Adrain and I took a walk through Soho and found this awesome denim wall! It was covered in jeans! I thought this was perfect for the blog with the exception that on that day I was not wearing jeans :(.


To be honest I like jeans, but I’m very picky when it comes to how they look on me, I’m sure you can agree. They need to fit tight on your butt, because baggy butts don’t look nice, but if they fit tight on your butt then they are also tight on the waist and on your stomach. If you’re like me you might not have the six pack we all want and so your butt looks nice but your stomach might look like a burrito that’s been strapped with a string :(.


This is the reason why stretchy jeans have come into existence! They fit your body without squeezing your waist and making those “love handles” so apparent and all the while they are still tight on your butt :). I’ve added a list of my favorite pairs of jeans below ;).

Surprise, surprise I finally cut my hair! It’s not apparent here on these pics but you’ll see them in upcoming posts. It’s funny how men really hate it when women get their haircuts. Whenever I’ve mentioned this in the past, men tend to freak out while women are exited about the change. Its necessary though, because otherwise our hair would have split ends and be very dry and unmanageable. My hair now feels smooth and healthy.

Also a little side note, I had my hair cut and it still felt like the ends of my hair were dry until I dyed my hair again. I had to redo my roots and also the tips, it’s still the same cherry blond color, but if you ever dye your hair and only re-dye the roots you’ll begin to notice that the ends of your hair might not be the same color as the hair closer to the top of your head. In my case, this is due to the fact that my hair grows very rapidly so I have had to dye it every three weeks. The result, at that point was the top of my hair was lighter than the ends, so recently I had to dye all of it to even out the tones. It wasn’t incredibly noticeable but to me it still was.  Another result that came from this was that the ends of my hair also feel smoother now and this has to be from the hair dye :) I’ve also listed the hair dye I’m using below.


Have a great weekend!


Jeans and hair dye:

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