Holes in my Shoes :)


Hi TTCers,

If you’re in NYC I hope you’ve been keeping warm. The snow has barely melted but I still decided to flaunt my new booties. I’ve seen them worn by many people with gold accessories and small fashionable holes.


It’s also too cold for just a leather jacket so it’s always a good idea to add a furry vest and a hat to keep you warn.


I’ve also been hard at work! I’m working on switching over from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, which has a lot more cool features! If everything goes smoothly the new features will be up and running this Monday.


I used GoDaddy.com to make the switch and luckily the site was easy to export :) If you’re looking into moving over from wordpress.com to wordpress.org I highly recommend them!



Enjoy and have a great day!


Get the Look


Solitaire Sherpa 4 Straps Jacket in Beige

True Grit Textured Fur Vest in Earth

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