Prepping for Valentines Day

Hi TTCers,

It’s almost that time of the year and as a girl whether you’re single or not, there is no escaping this time of the year. I don’t know about you, but all of the newsletters that I’m signed up to are talking about the big V-day. There are recipes, dating advice, boyfriend coupon books and all different kinds of things that make you think about what you’ll be doing during Valentines day.

Calling Spring

Calling Spring by thetrendcrush featuring an embellished mini dress

My girlfriends are in all the different Valentine’s Day situations, I have a friend in a long term relationship (about 7 years), another who is in a more recent relationship (about 6 months), a friend who is in a complicated relationship for almost three years and one who is single. As for me, I just recently happily joined those in a relationship and things are going great.

Single Valentine's Day

However, I’ve been on the other side of the coin for quite a long time. I remember planning on going to happy hours with any of my remaining single friends, who tended to be fewer each year and I remember thinking about just wearing black as a symbol of my rebellion against the greeting card holiday.

This post is dedicated to all the ladies out there because no matter what situation you are in I know you’ll make yourself look smoking hot!



Site Maintenance! Temporary URL

Hi TTCers!


I hope you had a great Monday :) I wanted to send out a notice so that you don’t think I’m completely shutting down the site because I’m not. Like I mentioned on my last post, I’m working on updating the host for the site and in doing this the url has temporarily changed to Please don’t stress :). I’ll keep you posted on the latest updates.




Holes in my Shoes :)


Hi TTCers,

If you’re in NYC I hope you’ve been keeping warm. The snow has barely melted but I still decided to flaunt my new booties. I’ve seen them worn by many people with gold accessories and small fashionable holes.


It’s also too cold for just a leather jacket so it’s always a good idea to add a furry vest and a hat to keep you warn.


I’ve also been hard at work! I’m working on switching over from to, which has a lot more cool features! If everything goes smoothly the new features will be up and running this Monday.


I used to make the switch and luckily the site was easy to export :) If you’re looking into moving over from to I highly recommend them!



Enjoy and have a great day!


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2014 A Furry New Year

Hi TTC Readers!

Happy belated 2014 :) I’ve been working on a few projects, on my career and I’ve met someone who I’m happily getting to know :) which left me with less time to post. I’m back and ready to kick off the first post of The Trend Crush on 2014!


As you can see from these shots New York was recently bombarded with snow. I chose to wear my grandmother’s gift, this beautiful fur coat, which really kept me warm and allowed me to wear my pink pumps ;). I accessorized and kept warm by adding a print scarf and my Calvin Klein handbag.



I want to thank everyone who reached out to me waiting patiently for my next post!

Enjoy and have a great day!



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Wishing you Health, Prosperity and Love this Holiday Season!

“This is my wish for you: peace of mind, prosperity through the year, happiness that multiplies, health for you and yours, fun around every corner, energy to chase your dreams, joy to fill your holidays!”     – D.M. Dellinger


Hello TTC readers! First I want to thank you for your continued support, and I want to wish you salud, dinero y amor. This is a spanish saying which means health, prosperity and love.  I also want to thank Luba and Adrian Chafloque for going out of their way for this post, which literately means 120 miles away to Longwood Gardens.

ACH_1188 ACH_1185

Longwood Gardens was founded by Pierre S. du Pont an industrialist, who purchased the property to save the arboretum from being sold for lumber. Mr. Du Pont added extensively to the property including an enormous conservatory, which is where all of our pictures were taken. In addition to the this conservatory, there are gardens that surround the entire property. Mr. Du Pont also added an extensive system of fountains and a massive pipe organ to the property.

ACH_1190 ACH_1196

Mr. Du Pont made Longwood Gardens his private estate from 1906 to around the 1930s. During his occupancy he opened his property to the public and at sometimes would anonymously give personal tours of the the gardens.

ACH_1200 ACH_1202 ACH_1205 ACH_1206 ACH_1209 ACH_1210 ACH_1223 ACH_1225 ACH_1233

Today Longwood Gardens is a 1,077-plus acre property and consists of 20 outdoor gardens and 20 indoor gardens within 4.5 acres (18,200 m2) of heated greenhouses. The heated greenhouses were phenomenal! As you step from one room to the next you feel like you’ve been transported from the cold winter of Pennsylvania to a tropical rainforest in Madagascar.

ACH_1236 ACH_1244 ACH_1245 ACH_1246 ACH_1250 ACH_1253 ACH_1254 ACH_1257

Longwood Gardens hosts 800 horticultural and performing arts events each year, from flower shows, gardening demonstrations, courses, and children’s programs to concerts, organ and carillon recitals, musical theatre, foundation shows and firework displays. They also host an extensive Christmas light display during the holidays.

ACH_1256 ACH_1258 ACH_1262 ACH_1264 ACH_1269 ACH_1270 ACH_1271 ACH_1275 ACH_1277 ACH_1281 ACH_1285

The picture above was my favorite display! Red Rome and green Granny Smith apples float in four inches of water to create a colorful tapestry, which reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

ACH_1291 ACH_1296

The decorations were so detailed and beautiful that when Adrian took pictures of them up close they looked like postcards!





ACH_1304 ACH_1308 ACH_1312 ACH_1317 ACH_1318 ACH_1321

Another one of my favorite pieces is this gorgeous flower chandelier above us. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what kind of plant it is but it had beautiful white flowers and interwoven throughout the plant there were lights and small crystal balls swinging from one vine to the next.

ACH_1327 ACH_1330 ACH_1337 ACH_1343 ACH_1344 ACH_1346

Many of the trees, like the one above were also decorated with colorful pears and other fruits. My family and I have never decorated our tree with fruits but this will be a great idea for next Christmas.



The picture above is of the music room which was elegantly decorated for tea!




The fruit reef above is just one of at least 50 reefs at Longwood Gardens made from a variety of plants. Another reef I remember was made out of a variety of cactus plants!






ACH_1380 ACH_1384

The conservatory was so enormous we took a moment to look at the map and Adrian caught the moment without us knowing haha.




The tree above was Luba’s favorite Christmas tree! It’s gorgeous because the blue lights and decorations make it seem like it’s frozen. ACH_1422 ACH_1426 ACH_1431ACH_1438 ACH_1439 ACH_1441 ACH_1443 ACH_1449 ACH_1458 ACH_1459ACH_1434

I hope you enjoyed our tour of the gardens and our outfit ideas for the holidays!

–Cindy, Luba and Adrian

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Denim Wall in Soho: What we want out of our Jeans!


A few weeks ago Adrain and I took a walk through Soho and found this awesome denim wall! It was covered in jeans! I thought this was perfect for the blog with the exception that on that day I was not wearing jeans :(.


To be honest I like jeans, but I’m very picky when it comes to how they look on me, I’m sure you can agree. They need to fit tight on your butt, because baggy butts don’t look nice, but if they fit tight on your butt then they are also tight on the waist and on your stomach. If you’re like me you might not have the six pack we all want and so your butt looks nice but your stomach might look like a burrito that’s been strapped with a string :(.


This is the reason why stretchy jeans have come into existence! They fit your body without squeezing your waist and making those “love handles” so apparent and all the while they are still tight on your butt :). I’ve added a list of my favorite pairs of jeans below ;).

Surprise, surprise I finally cut my hair! It’s not apparent here on these pics but you’ll see them in upcoming posts. It’s funny how men really hate it when women get their haircuts. Whenever I’ve mentioned this in the past, men tend to freak out while women are exited about the change. Its necessary though, because otherwise our hair would have split ends and be very dry and unmanageable. My hair now feels smooth and healthy.

Also a little side note, I had my hair cut and it still felt like the ends of my hair were dry until I dyed my hair again. I had to redo my roots and also the tips, it’s still the same cherry blond color, but if you ever dye your hair and only re-dye the roots you’ll begin to notice that the ends of your hair might not be the same color as the hair closer to the top of your head. In my case, this is due to the fact that my hair grows very rapidly so I have had to dye it every three weeks. The result, at that point was the top of my hair was lighter than the ends, so recently I had to dye all of it to even out the tones. It wasn’t incredibly noticeable but to me it still was.  Another result that came from this was that the ends of my hair also feel smoother now and this has to be from the hair dye :) I’ve also listed the hair dye I’m using below.


Have a great weekend!


Jeans and hair dye:

Red Winter Coat: A Reaffirmation of Another Year Goneby


You might have noticed that I finally found my red winter coat :)! To be honest, when I was younger I found red to be too flashy, like someone would wear it in an attempt to get attention.

Times have changed and red has a very different meaning for me. I find the color to be timeless and this specific coat also seems timeless to me, since it’s double breasted and has the belt at the waist.


Harper’s Bazaar had a nice round up of celebrity trench coats over the years and if you take a look very few details have changed. I think the only change this coat really has is its gold toned hardware, including the zipper pockets and sleeves.

I also like that it reminds me of the holidays and the seasons changing and of time passing. In a way it’s a reaffirmation that another year has gone by and is about to end. Red is never neutral and neither was 2013. It was a year of many trips including Colombia, Peru and Miami. It was the year I decided to create my baby, The Trend Crush and in doing so sharing with you my looks and my tips and at times many of my very personal experiences.   Thank you to all of you who sent me messages through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email and to my friends who reached out to me personally. BUT, the year is not over yet, so I’ll be sure to post many more holiday inspired posts in the coming weeks :)!


Enjoy and have a great day!