Black and Gold Nail Design


Hi Loves,

I hope you had a great weekend! Here in New York the weather is finally warming up, at least for a few days :) Today was the first day I didn’t need to wear gloves :D!


And so I was able to flaunt my new nail design. I also found a new way to clean the skin around your nails when you accidentally paint over them with nail polish. Take a q-tip and dip it in nail polish remover and use this to go over the skin around your nails.


As far as the design goes its very trendy to paint one of your nails a different color but I usually try to incorporate this color as part of the design in my other nails so that they still look like they match.


I used a thin brush to make the stripe gold designs on my thumb and my middle finger as well as on my pinky.


On my pinky I tried the leopard print pattern, which was the hardest one. You really need to make sure that the hairs on your brush are even in other to be able to do this design well. It’s also a bit abstract so it doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect.

I hope my tips helped! Enjoy and have a great day :)



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